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If you're looking for quality pallets for storage, transport or even export, you're in the right place. Warren Bins & Pallets are Asure Quality accredited and licenced for export.


Any size, any time


All of our pallets are available in the industry standard of 1165 x 1165mm, or we can manufacture any size according to your needs.

  • Standard Pallet

  • Wing Pallet

  • Skeleton Pallet

  • Skid Pallet

  • Custom

  • No order too big or small

Quality Assured


Warren Bins & Pallets are Asure Quality accredited, meaning you can be sure that our pallets will not only be up for the job, they also offer a longer lifespan for maximum value for money and minimised costs.



Registration No: AU -267


Export Ready


Warren Bins & Pallets are licenced export manufacturers for all pallets.


Our export pallets are heat treated to ISPM15 standards and certified ready for export.


Export pallets are available in all sizes, or can be manufactured to suit your needs.

Greater Efficiency


Maximise your efficeincy. All our pallets can be made with 2 way or 4 way entry suitable for storage or transport no matter what size you need.

  • Improved efficiency

  • Quality construction reduces product damage

  • Longer life reduces replacement costs


Environmentally Friendly


Our pallets are manufactured using sustainably grown timber harvested close to our manufacturing plant in Manjimup Western Australia. Using only sustainable forested timber reduces impact on the environment and allows for greater production capacity.


Delivery across Australia


Warren Bins & Pallets can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia.


Contact us today for a free quote for your pallet needs.


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